Special Program's

Hi-Tech Education

  • Teach Next : Is a high - fi education system with subject module projected with the projectors.
  • Smart Class : It is a audio visual method of teaching with computers and LCD projectors.
  • Chrysalis : Is a comprahensive curriculum for the 21st century with researched components and activities learner where "studio" and "companion" with researched components and activities for effective and engaged learning. Based on NCF 2005 - child - centric curriculum. It is promoted by EZ Vidya with a punchline of let the child blossom.

AIDS Awareness

The group of institutions has a red ribbon club through which it creates awareness about HIV - AIDS. It organizes talks, slide shows , processions, street plays etc to the children as well as to the public every year.

Residential Camp

A 10 days special residential camp will be organized every year to the high school children to promote leaving without mobile and tv serials. Different topics are covered during this camp period to educate children with regard to road safety, human rights, revenue rules and regulations duties and responsibilities of he citizen, Punctuality , leadership etc.

7 Day NSS Special Camp

Every year in the month of October - November separate 7 day special camps will be organized by PU, Degree to promote community leaving and self reliance.


Vidyaratna is a award, provided to the persons from the field of education , social service, culture and tradition. It is awarded every year in the annual day functions.

Free Education

Meritorious , outstanding students are given with free education.